About Sarah  

I'm Sarah, a former English major, writer & content creator, certified holistic wellness coach, food obsessive, urban hiker, soul-music fanatic, dim-sum addict, and loose-leaf tea junkie. I have a childlike wonder about the world and I want to explore it all — one bite, one sound, one sight at a time. 

I recently moved cross-country from my home state of Maine to San Francisco, CA, after living in the Pine Tree State my entire life. The things I miss beyond family and friends are fried clams, the rosemary plum scones at Tandem Bakery, and New England morning light, but otherwise I love my newfound home in San Francisco. 

I work in the food biz and am as passionate about food as I am about life. That includes cooking delicious and healthy food at home (as well as some unhealthy food too — I'll be the first to admit a mac & cheese craving on occasion) and exploring locally and beyond every chance I get. 

Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing my food (and life) explorations and discoveries with you!